FSTrackers important hints

please consider these important hints if you like to have the best tracking experience using FSTrackers system:

- Only a complete flight from departure to destination will be saved in our system for future access:
It means only those flights start from departure airport and end at destination airport will be saved and will be accessible in Historic mode. Other partial flights won't be saved.

- Never stop your FSTrackers program in the middle of your flight:
FSTrackers program generates a new and uniqe flight ID each time you click on Start button. If you for any reasons Stop your tracking during your flight, and Start it again, your flight will be splitted into two parts that each part has its own flight ID and it means they will be like two seperated flights and won't be saved.

- What if your airplane's icon disappears from the map on FSTrackers website during your flight:
If you are in the middle of your flight and everything is working fine on your side (Flight simulator and FSTrackers program are running and working normally) and you see your airplane's icon disappeared from the map on FSTrackers website then do NOT stop or close your FSTrackers program because it is working properly. Just reload your web browser by pressing Reload button on your web browser or just close and open FSTrackers website once again. In this way you can see your airplane's icon will be back on the map once again.